REVIEW: Love Trails Festival 2023

Arriving on site to the rolling hills situated at the Weobley Castle, Gower, with endless fields dotted with sheep, leading out onto the setting sun over the ocean- I knew this festival was going to be something special. A beautiful setting for a magical weekend where the two passions of the great outdoors and music combine into a glitter filled melting pot.

During the day there are plenty of activities on offer, from ultra marathons, stand up paddle boarding and yoga. Wondering into the pub tent I discovered the incredible women from Rebel Patch, where I bought a funky patch and learned how to stitch it onto my jumper (yes, the wobbly lines are all part of the charm!)  Another afternoon, overlooking the ocean, an Acroyoga class, which combines yoga and acrobatics into some funky positions!

Out of the talks, one of the highlights included ‘Creating Your Ideal Day & Life’ by Michelle Flynn, who shared techniques to help visualise and achieve the life you dream of. Simple, small steps taken each day to achieve a larger vision.

Admittedly, I am not a runner and the talks of fellow Love Trail goers saying that they were ‘just’ going to attempt a 10k that day seemed completely out of my league! However, I did manage to take part in one race in the end- the beer run! Teams of four relayed a 400m track after starting the lap by downing their beer. Whilst we didn’t win, it was great fun to take part and to have just a glimpse of the taste of the incredible support and vibes of all those surrounding you during a race. It truly has inspired me to start running post festival! Seasoned runners are also in very good hands here with runs of lengths from 3km-ultra runs taking place across the weekend.

On top of all of the incredible activities, musical highlights included the first international performance to be held at Love Trails, from Ghanian collective Alogte Oho Jonas & His Sounds Of Joy. Their playful music is comprised of brass elements, electronic synth layers and an all-female choir. Barry Can’t Swim played a fantastic Friday night set to a huge crowd at the main stage with his unique blend of  world inspired and jazz inflected electronic music.

Saturday brought Hollie Cook onto the main stage, warming up the aching crowd with her charming and soulful voice. Welsh born High Contrast followed later with an incredible DnB set, filled with bangers that had the whole crowd dancing.

When all of the dancing, running and yoga becomes too much for your achey legs, fear not- chose to relax in the most idyllic hot tub bath next to the castle with sheep for neighbours (and even a prosecco in hand if you so wish!) Hands down, the most friendly and fun festival I’ve been to for many years.


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