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Dappy releases new EP ‘Eros Apollo’

Ever since the controversial ‘Tarzan 2.0’ was released Dappy fans, other artists and everyone inbetween has been eagerly awaiting the latest instalment, Tarzan 3.0 and it has finally dropped as part of his latest EP Eros Apollo on Christmas day….

Don’t Miss: Lady Shocker ‘Queen Of The Pack’ EP

Over the past 12 months Lady Shocker has been very busy cementing her name within the Grime scene’s battle rap circuit, seeing her featured on platforms like Dont Flop, LOTM and Prizefighter to name a few. Whether you remember her…

MUST HEAR: Ghetts X Rude Kid ‘653’ EP

When you’re talking about top Grime artists, Ghetts has to get a mention. Remember back to 2010 when Ghetts released his Calm Before The Storm project, full of grime classics with that authentic old school Grime sound (Artillery, Trained To…