This week new single releases reviewed: Jam Luckhurst gives you the verdict on whats hot, and whats not!

Every week Gigslutz very own Jam Luckhurst-McCord will bring you her run down of new music releases and the verdict of what banging and what should be avoided at all costs…


Arctic Monkeys-Do I Wanna Know?

So they’re back and Arctic Monkeys have slowed it down a little bit for this and it works! Their music has got hints of dark romance and as the chorus kicks in it turns a bit more rocky. Perfect.

Cattle & Cane-I Will Rise

‘I Will Rise’ has got the perfect mix of floaty melodies alongside light strings and ticks all the boxes for a summer tune whilst laying on the beach and sipping pina colada’s, even if it is in England!

M.I.A-Bring The Noize

So we all thought this was just a rip off of Public Enemy when we all saw the name, there’s no denying it. But this isn’t another copy (the anger when Rita Ora destroyed Biggie’s ‘Party & Bullshit’. But it isn’t so hurrah! M.I.A’s new single displays her abilities to rap, dj and just be really effin cool.

Public Enemy-Get Up Stand Up

Well, it’s Public Enemy so it’s bound to be a fucking cracker of a tune! 20 years after their hey day and they still keep producing. You can’t not bop like a prat to this, it’s such a tune. Enough said. Oh an it’s free via BitTorrent, jesus Christ!


Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran-Everything Has Changed

For me, this is a match made in hell, actually probably worse than hell, if that is possible. Overall, it pains me to think that they have so much money and produce such utter shit. Boring, crap, boring. Oh, did I say boring?

Selena Gomez-Come And Get It

First of all, you are an actor for Disney. So give the singing up, we’ve had Miley Cyrus and we’re fed up of this kiddy bollocks. Same old singing about Justin Bieber to come back to rekindle their love with lyrics like “I love you much to, much to hide you, this love ain’t finished yet. This love ain’t finished yet…” The epitome of the music charts today, disgusting.

Jason Derulo-The Other Side

It starts with a huge amount of auto tuning and girly screeching, if the music video wasn’t bad enough with the endless stream of topless shots, tight wife beaters and seriously cringey dancing this has reached 2nd in the iTunes chart. It is a package full of tacky dance remixes, auto tuner used to the max and a high level of shitness. AVOID.

So there you have it! Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for Jam’s tips next week!