Tracks Of The Week, 11.11.16

With its accompanying video dubbed by DIY as unofficial ‘Best Video Of The Year’, Virgin Kids’ ‘Be Your Friend’ certainly isn’t a track that should be slipping under the radar; though I can’t imagine it will.

A combination of garage-pop grittiness, nostalgic sweetness and a nonchalant charm that seems to radiate not only from the band themselves but somehow from the track, ‘Be Your Friend’ makes simple, almost nonsensical lyrics seem to make sense, and makes making friends so much easier; just send them this track!

For all its charm and sweetness, ‘Be You Friend’ is actually immensely cool. DIY were right.

Greasewheel out now via Burger Records (US) Fluffer Records (UK)

Having spent years perfecting her synth pop sound, Christa Vi is releasing her debut album this month, and the latest single ‘Now’ is the most exciting taste of what’s to come.

Though Christa is Australian and German-born, Makeshift Happiness is born out of her relationship with her adopted city of London, a relationship that while complex, Christa seems to grasp and articulate perfectly in tracks like ‘Now’.

Drawing inspiration from all sorts of places – from overheard conversations to origami – ‘Now’ is a perfect example of how Christa’s seemingly random creative process has been perfected to manifest itself in something astounding. Melodic, moving and entirely encompassing ‘Now’ is the sound of someone who knows what they’re doing.

Makeshift Happiness is out 25 November via Tangelo Records

I almost feel wrong writing anything about Dream Nails’ latest offering; ‘Deep Heat’ speaks entirely, and very strongly, for itself.

Though the lyrics were originally intended for Donald Trump, no doubt more so now that he’s actually wormed his way into the White House, I want to send this song to every guy who’s ever annoyed me. Not because I hold grudges, but because any excuse to yell “Siracha on your balls” and “nobody cares if your dick is on fire” is one that should be taken.

And Dream Nails are just so wonderfully endearing in their self-proclaimed feminist punk witch-way that even when expressing all the pent up anger of a rather dismal year, you can’t help but fall in love with them.

Support Dream Nails by buying the song over on their Bandcamp page.

Ready to introduce themselves to the UK, Indonesian folk-pop duo Stars and Rabbit have shared their latest single ‘Man Upon The Hill’, and what an introduction it is.

Since forming in 2011 when vocalist Elda Suryani enlisted the skills of Adi Widodo to help her with her songwriting, Stars and Rabbit have transformed into a folky dream-team. ‘Man Upon The Hill’ – the tale of a man, on top of a hill (duh), letting go of his past and moving on – sees Elda pair her whimsical, Björk-esque vocals with an equally whimsical theme.

This, paired with Adi’s gorgeous musical arrangement, makes for something so refreshingly pure, the UK will no doubt rush to welcome the duo with open arms.

‘Man Upon The Hill’ is out on 11 November via Green Island Music.


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