ALBUM REVIEW: Twin Peaks- ‘Wild Onion’


Chicago rock quartet Twin Peaks are back; following their impressive 2013 power-pop debut album, they have released an LP titled Wild Onion. With 16 tracks, the majority of which are just shy of 3 minutes in length, the album has a running time of more than double their debut album. Despite this, it does feel as though it’s over in a flash with swift transitions from track to track as Twin Peaks drift away from the power-pop we know them for onto a more diverse and experimental sound.

Drawing on influences such as The Beach Boys, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, the album powers through with a number of repetitious riff heavy tracks featuring bouncing bass lines, including the fresh-sounding album opener ‘I Found A Way’. Later track ‘Fade Away’ has a similar sound, yet is a little more rough around the edges as it plays on party-hard band life clichés with lyrics “life for me is drinking beer and smoking weed”, despite the four-piece’s young age averaging at 20.

‘Sweet Thing’ opens with ringing riffs before leading into rhythmic bass lines and ‘60s blues rock guitars, with lyrics detailing the affection (and  desperation) surrounding young love. More melancholic tracks such as ‘Strange World’ and ‘Ordinary People’ switch it up a little with elements of ‘70s psych-pop, featuring yo-yo hooks alongside distorted dreamy vocals.

Another stand out track is the scuzzy lead single from the LP, ‘Flavor’. Covered in reverb, the instrumentals of this track are less defined and the vocals hold a raw edge as Cadien Lake James repeatedly screams out “flavor your heart and your soul”, harmonizing with low pitched backing vocals. ‘No Way Out’ isn’t dissimilar to ‘Flavor’ and proves to be one of the longer, more developed tracks on the album.

Holding their influences on their sleeves, Twin Peaks have produced a second album that is full of energy with a unique combination of sounds and musical influences. Although there is still time for this band to grow to define their sound, Wild Onion confirms that Twin Peaks are definitely ones to be keeping an eye on in the forever saturated music industry.


Wild Onion is out now via Communion Records.


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