LIVE: Yellow Days @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester, 08.10.17

Rapidly rising to the quirky and vibrant side of the music scene is none other than George van den Broek, the magic behind who we recognise as Yellow Days. It was clear from the immense turnout of the crowd that places like Soup Kitchen are only a starting point for the 18-year-old genius from Haslemere, however he took each and every song as an opportunity to brandish his talents as an extremely able young song writer.

Yellow Days may owe his unique sound to the unusual blend of broad and epic vocals, layered with softer and transcendental elements throughout his instrumental components. There is something spectacular about the way in which Yellow Days masters the balance between huge atmospheric vibrations, whilst maintaining a soothing and effortless aesthetic throughout all his songs. Furthermore, Yellow Days’ age comes into play as a factor for his approachable and admirable lyrics, as songs such as ‘A Little While’ feature the notions of love whilst ‘People’ addresses the significance of judgement from other individuals. From the perspective of someone so young, these themes encompass such endearing qualities that are impossible to dismiss. The combination of stylish delivery with his magnificent abilities as a musician, inevitably hook any listener that is lucky enough to come across his works of art.

As we know, this artist is ascending to the top in his genre, and he definitely knows it. Whilst his performance remained overtly hypnotic from start to finish, there may have been hints of intimacy which were lost due to the outward manner in which Yellow Days chose to perform; perhaps this forward tone would have suited a larger gig, however we have no doubt he’ll seize these opportunities within the near future. Yellow Days was adamant on delivering an honest and raw gig in terms of his stunning vocals, although what we did not apprehend was his incandescent finger skills on strings. Where the audience expected gentle breaks between verse and chorus, Yellow Days used these gaps to absolutely obliterate his guitar, leaving us all in tremendous awe of his expertise. Arguably, ‘Your Hand Holding Mine’ had the most noticeable change in atmosphere from his setlist; where the record takes a more delicate and mellifluous approach, Yellow Days replaced our predictions with much stronger, emphatic guitar riffs which enticed our appreciation for his adaptability even further.

Not that the performance we were given was unsatisfactory, but if only Yellow Days had more lustrous tunes to reveal. Nonetheless, this is only more reason to watch the artist blossom and endure the wait for more incredible compositions.