ALBUM: Chris Ford ‘Good Morning America’


Inspired by a chance meeting with John Cale of The Velvet Underground, Chris Ford picked up a guitar and began writing songs.  Since then Chris has released a couple of albums and has been making some inroads in the States, with radio airplay on over 100 stations. As the name suggests, new album Good Morning America is influenced by the land of the free with many of the songs a fusion of pysch-rock peppered with seeds of West Coast Americana, alongside a number of tracks reflecting on personal relationships.

Album opener and title track ‘Good Morning America’ is a radio friendly comment on America’s political domination, although the tune falls on the ear like a dreamy breeze coming in from the Pacific, averting from the tense topic. With his delicate vocal Chris melts the airwaves as he sings “how are you gonna make us feel today?”. Despite the ominous title, ‘Digging Our Graves’ follows and has a bit more of an edge to it, as it penetrates the listener’s subconscious with its upbeat infectious chorus.  The sound is familiar but enjoyable all the same.

‘Say Nothing’ is an all out attack on the corporate music industry and is one of the stand-out moments on the album. Lyrically the well-crafted and powerful song connects (“Rhianna says nothing… Coldplay nothing… Swift she says nothing”) although the delicate vocal lacks conviction and leaves the song begging for a more angry vocal. Contrastingly, ‘Hard To Believe’ ticks all the boxes with Ford’s gentle tone and reflection on society (“In London there is no place to live, the Russians came and bought it all”) gliding through the airwaves beautifully. ‘A Little Rain Must Fall’ is another highpoint, with the piano adding to the mesmeric song. ‘FYI’ has a somewhat hypnotic and melodic hook and as Chris sings repeatedly “but for your information” the temptation to sing along proves too great!

Good Morning America is released on 24th June via Track 37 Recordings.

Bazza Mills

Bazza Mills
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