PREMIERE: Patch shares powerful track ‘Sketchbook’ ft Latir

He’s gained praise for many of his tracks over the last few years and his previous EP Space Between The Heartbeats garnered much critical acclaim from various music platforms, but now North London Hip Hop artist Patch is back with a brand new track entitled ‘Sketchbook‘ and we think it’s his best to date.

Beautiful is not an adjective that’s often used when it comes to describing rap music but there is no better word to define the essence of ‘Sketchbook’. With a deep, melodic beat graced by Patch’s heartfelt, introspective bars and Latir’s smooth vocals, the pair paint a powerful picture of positivity that gloriously exudes throught the entirety of the track. The radio premiere for this one took place on the Gigslutz Urban radio show on Hoxton Radio last night and we’re delighted to be able to premiere the full track below…

Talking about the single, Patch said, “Sketchbook is an expression of freedom. The freedom to live life according to what YOU as an individual think is important rather than what society tells you to value. The song is just me talking about things that make me feel good and in alignment with my true self, those specific things are different for everyone but the feeling is universal”

With more new material ready to drop in Summer, the talented wordsmith has successfully continued his meteoric rise to prominence with this latest effort, which is sure to win him some brand new fans. There is one element that binds all of Patch’s music together though and that’s his concept of ‘Drunken Philosophy/Embrace Your Contradictions’, as he explains,

“I created the Drunken Philosophy/Embrace Your Contradictions movement as a way of encouraging myself and others to express all elements of who they are, even the bits that don’t make sense to the rest of the world”… “Like many of us I like to party but I’m also very passionate about philosophy and spirituality, so the phrase Drunken Philosophy sums that up.”

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Matt Tarr


Matt Tarr

Matt Tarr

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Matt Tarr