Black Sabbath LIVE @ La Plata Stadium, Buenos Aries

The main question on everyone’s lips before this show was around whether or not Ozzy and the boys could still manage to pull it off. Some sceptics suggested they were only in it for the money nowadays and there were further doubts in the mind of the Argentinian crowd following Ozzy’s previous show here in 2008 when he put in an atrocious display.

Despite all concerns and whatever the motive for another world tour, Sabbath proved all doubters wrong.   

The La Plata Stadium (a nice new venue place 70 kilometres from Buenos Aires City) was a 45,000 sell out and the sound in the new arena was very good indeed. As thousands of iPhones pointed towards the stage Sabbath came on stage at 9pm sharp from behind a massive curtain which was covered in pictures of the band.

‘War Pigs’ started the set, with the crowd immediately getting into it, pogoing in sync with the beat. Ozzy´s voice, as expected, but there is always the magic of reverb to conceal the slight errors. While Ozzy skipped and shuffled quickly around the board, giving his shout out of “Come on! Let me see your hands!” whilst Butler and Iommy stayed quiet, concentrated in the music and their instruments.

Sabbath played nearly 2 hours all the classic songs of ‘Black Sabbath’, ‘Paranoid’, ‘Master of Reality’ and ‘Vol. 4’. ‘Nativity In Black’, ‘Into de Void’ and ‘Children of the Grave’ received the best receptions during the set whilst ‘Iron Man’ (with Ozzy describing Iommi as the “the real iron man”) and ‘Paranoid’, with its ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ intro got the empathic reactions you would expect.

The only criticism with the set would be the lack of material from ‘Never Say Died’ and ‘Sabotage’ but overall this was an amazing show. Next time Sabbath return, there will be no doubters.