FILM: Eric Clapton Live @ The Royal Albert Hall


The new live film of Eric Clapton at the Albert Hall, Slowhand At 70, celebrates Clapton as the longest performing artist at the venue and also the musician’s 70th birthday.

As impressive as it is to see Clapton still performing to a very high caliber at such an age, the concert itself lacked energy. Much of the concert consisted of long jam sessions between Clapton and his backing band.

The band consists of incredible musicians (including Chris Stainton on piano, Paul Carrack on organ, Nathan East on bass, Steve Gadd on drums, and Michelle John and Sharon White providing excellent backing vocals) and the set is exceedingly well rehearsed but for me it was a touch over rehearsed and so a little stilted.

Fans of Clapton will likely enjoy this chance to experience his live show and the film provides some very interesting shots of the band and the venue as whole. A man with as much experience as Clapton certainly knows how to fill a venue as awesome as The Royal Albert Hall.

However he’s not the most talkative musician on stage so comes across slightly cold and fails to bring the audience in.

One for fans of Clapton but not worth seeking out otherwise.

Eric Clapton Live at The Royal Albert Hall is in selected cinemas now

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