Why do we love casino movies?

Since the start of the cinema, the movies have been full of casino scenes and movies. And no matter how many times a green blackjack table or a poker game appears on screen we never get tired of them, because we know that in the end, something special will happen.

There’s nothing quite like the energy that flows in a casino, it’s something special in the atmosphere there. The mental duel between the participants, and the different feelings after each round is something extraordinary. Just try to play some online slots, and you will see how exciting the casino life is. Besides this, in real life most of the people are dressed in suits, which give you some extra confidence. So if you see a casino scene in a movie, you know that the action will get intense in a few moments.

If you’re a storyteller, director, or writer, what better place than a casino to create an irresistible story? So in the next paragraphs, we will enlist you the best casino related movies or scenes, and I’m sure that after each paragraph you will know how great are casino-related movies So without any further ado, here’s the list with the best casino movies.

Casino Royale

This is an all-time favorite, every person loves how Daniel Craige keeps up with the tension at the poker table and at the same time he’s saving the world. No fictional character has been more ideal for the casino world than James Bond, he’s cold-blooded, smart and most of the time he’s wearing a suit. If you pay attention, the 007 agent visits a casino in almost every movie in the franchise and it’s always the place where the action gets intense. However, the best casino related James bond movie is the Casino Royale, by far. As the title suggests, the final part with the most tension is recorded at a casino table full of wealthy persons, and of course, this is the place where the protagonist faces his nemesis. But I don’t like to give spoilers, so if you’re interested in the final of the movie go and check it out.

Ocean’s franchise

What would be the whole Ocean’s series without the casinos. The first movie came out at the start of the millennium, in 2001, with the title of Ocean’s eleven, and since then there were 3 other movies, the Ocean’s twelve, thirteen, and eight. The last one has a little twist in it because the main protagonist is the daughter of Danny Ocean (George Clooney), and her whole team is also formatted from talented females.  The whole movie series is centered on a casino, and the skills of the crew.  In casinos you have to be as attentive as possible, and at the same time you have to make dialogs, and keep your cold blood. It’s a great movie series that I can only recommend if you’re a movie lover and you have some spare time.


If you’re in love with Martin Scorsese’s art, you will definitely enjoy this piece of art. The whole movie is played in the old school Las Vegas, the home of casinos. The main actor is Robert De Niro, who plays Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein. The movie is something special, because when it slows down and shows the inner workings of casinos, it opens up an era of Las Vegas that was never done before with this accuracy. Because this is Scorsese, all the operators did a great job and casino scenes were wonderfully shot. So after all, all you need for a good movie is a good actor and some casino scenes.


This movie came out in 1998, so I bet that most you haven’t even heard from it. This is a special movie because the plot is presented from a professional dealer’s angle. Jack Manfred (Clive Owen) is a talented writer but he struggles to have any achievement from that. Therefore he decides to become a croupier (dealer) for a huge casino. The experiences he collects from the casino lifestyle,  full of emotion and social interactions, helps him to find the needed inspiration for his novel. But if you want to find out more about what happens with the protagonist, go and check out the movie.


Most of the casino movies are action movies, but not this one. This movie showed us how you can bring some comedy to the poker tables. I know that most of the movie isn’t played in a casino, but if you take out the casino from the whole movie, the plot would be really boring. The most interesting thing in the movie is when the beloved Alan, played by Zach Galifianakis proves his worth at the casino table and makes some really nice decisions saving the whole gang.

Black Panther

You may ask ‘why is this movie here?’. It barely has some casino-related scenes, but the one it has, is one of the most interesting. This is the place when T’Challa enters in conflict for the first time with the bad guys. Also, this is the place where he starts using all his gadgets from Wakanda which were made by his sister. But Marvel movies aren’t so far from casinos. In the first Marvel Universe movie, Iron man (2008), we can see the main hero Tony Stark how he spends his time at a casino throwing dice at the same time when he should take over a particular award. At that moment we learned a lot about Tony Stark’s character.

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