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Promoting unsigned artists is something we at Gigslutz feel extremely passionate about, with our regular ‘Unsigned Act Of The Week’ and ‘Ones To Watch’ features, as well as a wealth of reviews and premieres. Celebrating new artists, or even people who’ve been making music for years but not got the recognition they deserve, is something we pride ourselves on and feel is an integral part of what the world of music should be about. We therefore thought it would be a great idea to focus on the array of unsigned artists in different cities around the country and spread the word about the huge amount of talent that is out there! This week, Morgan Russell gets the ball rolling with his Top 5 Unsigned Acts in Leicester. 

– Mari Lane, Assistant Editor & Unsigned Artists Editor



1) Casino Empire – Compared to the likes of The Rolling Stones and The Who, Casino Empire do not fail to deliver. The five piece band who hail from the same area as Leicester’s favourite sons, Kasabian, surely do put on a show. The 17 years young lead singer, Tommy Cobley, swaggers around the stage like he has the experience of Mick Jagger and Roger Daltrey combined, and rightly so. The rest of the band are superb as well, providing beats and riffs which mirror that of The Stone Roses. Having already supported highly rated band Catfish and the Bottlemen, with a gig with The Struts coming up, it is clear that this band are ticking all the right boxes, and have the potential to be one of the greats.

2) Clubs – Having played Isle of Wight festival last year, it is clear that this band are already a fairly big name. They also played their trade on the main stage of Strawberry Fields, which shows just how much ability these have. Similar to Jaws and Peace this band have a slightly melancholy feel but also incorporate drums and guitars. The voice of the singer is soft but powerful, hitting every note with perfection. If you’re in and around Leicester near Christmas they are a must see, headlining The Cookie Jar on the 23rd.

3) The Harrowbrooks – The Harrowbrooks are a true, self-proclaimed rock’n’roll band from the heart of Leicester. From their banging drums to their scintillating guitar solos, these are the band you should head to see if you want a heavy night out. Similar to The Courteeners, their hit ‘D’ya Wanna Play The Game’ is a true rock song which can be enjoyed by anyone. They’ve recently headlined Pi Bar and then played at This Feeling at the Cookie Jar. Having played Tramlines in Sheffield last year, they also have a fairly good following outside of Leicester as well.

4) SURF – Surf regularly support JAWS when they come to Leicester to play at The Cookie and also frequently headline it themselves. Only last week they supported NME band of the week, Blaenavon. Again, a band who sound like Splashh, Swim Deep etc… The guitar and bass play an integral part of each and every song with raucous drums coming in from time to time. This is the type of music that not only Leicester, but England, seem to be churning out at the minute.

5) Over The House – A four piece indie rock band who recently headlined The Soundhouse in the centre of the city. Instead of hard rock they play softer stuff, but this doesn’t mean they’re any less impressive. They still blast out brilliant guitar solos, with an excellent distinctive voice laying over the top of the music. ‘Same Old Ideas’ is one of their best songs, with a catchy chorus and beat. It’s hard to compare them to anyone, as they have their own distinct sound – if you see them playing it’s not a show which you want to miss.

Do you live in Leicester and know of any brilliant unsigned acts we’ve missed? Let us know at @Gigslutz_ !

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